Checklist To Preparing For College Life

If you are preparing to go to college – then it means that you have survived high school, congratulations!

However, moving from high school to college tends to be a big transition which can get you all worked up. If you have been stressing over this new chapter in your life, then this is for you.

The following tips have the potential of helping incoming freshmen to be prepared for college life.

Learn To Cook And Do Laundry

Learn how to cook small meals and have knowledge of basic microwave culinary.

Learning to cook and clean for yourself is a big deal considering the fact that you will be living without the assistance of your parents. Therefore, ensure that you get as much knowledge from them as you can before leaving for college.

If you have never done your laundry before, make sure to learn how as soon as possible. Imagine stacking your closet with a giant pile of dirty laundry because you don’t know how to load a washing machine, isn’t that embarrassing?

Also, ensure that you learn how to cook small meals and have knowledge of basic microwave culinary. Most college kids survive on basic meals especially when they are too broke to eat anything fancy at a restaurant. You might also need to whip a midnight snack when the local convenient store or cafeteria is closed.

Ensure That You Have A Reliable Alarm Clock

Get a annoyingly persistent alarm clock.

Make sure to buy a reliable alarm clock before going off to college. Even though your mobile phone might have an alarm application, it doesn’t count as reliable. This is because your battery might just run out, just when you need to do something important like exams.

College is not like high school, because if you miss an exam in college, you can’t make it up.

Therefore, ensure that you get specifically those annoyingly persistent alarm clocks that wakes you up even if you are a deep sleeper. Also, don’t count on your roommates or friends to wake you up, an alarm clock is more reliable.

Polish Your People And Social Skills

College is the best place to meet new people.

It doesn’t matter whether you are shy or overly sociable, college is the best place to meet new people.

Think of it this way, thousands of other kids just like you are coming into a school where they know only a handful of people or none at all.  Therefore, try and take advantage of your first few weeks in college to make friends and meet new people.

College life can also push you to develop strong communications skills which might come in handy when you’re applying for internships and jobs later on in life.

GirlCum Membership

GirlCum - Helping You Survive Dorm Times!

GirlCum – Helping You Survive Dorm Times!

You will surely have periods of time for yourself. A helpful tip from experienced dorm users is this – buy yourself a membership to your favorite adult series. You will enjoy weekly updates and have some time to kill on serious graphic entertainment.

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Enjoy Your College Life And Have Fun

Enjoy and have fun!

Parents will tell you to be an adult and more responsible now that you are in college. Listen to them because they are right. However, don’t be too serious and forget that part of the college checklist is having fun and enjoying yourself.

While it is important to learn how to be responsible as you prepare to go into the working and tax paying part of your life, remember that there are opportunities in college that you may never experience again. Take part in fun activities and enjoy the special child-like freedom one only gets in college.

Get A Vaccination For Homesickness

Most college freshmen experience homesickness even if their homes are less than half an hour from the school.

Missing your home, family and the people you love is bound to happen. However, you can also prepare yourself for the eventual feeling of being homesickness.

Carry photos of your family and friends with you, talk to them on the phone, Facetime or Video chat with them as regularly as you can. This will make you feel like you are still connected to the people you miss most.

If you have gone through this checklist to preparing for college life chances are, you’ll be joining one in a few months. Do not be afraid, just make sure that you are well informed and prepared as you look forward to stepping into a dorm or into your new classroom in your college’s campus.