How To Becoming The Best In Your Freshman Year

Start Preparing Even Before You Get To Campus

As a high school graduates who are looking forward to entering college, you must understand that this transition is a huge one that requires lots of preparation. Often time, you will be leaving your parents to leave on your own and if this is not properly planned for, you may end up having a bad year as a freshman.

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There are ways to start preparing even before you get into the classroom. Although it could be stressful and daunting, if proper measures are taking, your freshman year will be amazing. From developing strong technical skills to researching academic support, the following hints can help you be the best in your freshman year. See more on the 15 educational Apps to help you sail through college.

4 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Freshman Year

Be Wary Of Freshman 15

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The freshman 15 is a common term that is used in the United States. It refers to the additional weight(usually around 15 pounds) that a student puts on in his freshman year.

This weight gain can be due to some few reasons. Firstly, there were compulsory physical education classes you must take part in in secondary schools and junior college. In university, however, it is up to you to stay fit. Secondly, it is likely that being in the university is your first time of leaving home to stay alone and take care of your meals yourself. It is most likely for you to feed on instant noodles and other junk food.

So to prevent sudden weight gain, always remember to do some physical exercise some time and eat healthily to keep your body in good shape.

Attend Orientation Camp

The university is a large community which means you are likely to see different people in your classes. It may be hard to get to meet people and make new friends – especially as a fresher.

To create a good social network and make new friends, it is recommended that you attend orientation camp specially organized for your faculty, a club, sport or society that is of interest to you. You will meet people that share similar ideology as you, who may end up becoming your group mates, classmates, and hopefully, friends for life.

Also, these orientation camps are a perfect place to meet seniors what have had prior experience – you never can tell what valuable clues they will contribute on how to have an impressive first year.

Always Attend Classes

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It would be wrong of you to think that university results are similar to the “A” and “O” level GCE exams. In the university, you start defining your future from the first year. In high school, you may make up for the wasted years in your final year and perform excellently in your final exams. This is not so in the university so you need to be fully prepared from the onset. Don’t be tempted by the numerous parties taking place always. Be disciplined and attend all your classes because every bit of effort counts at this stage.


Don’t Get Over Ambitious About Your Commitments – Be Realistic About It

Majority of the freshmen get too ambitious about the things they will do. You don’t have to set a goal that will get you weary few weeks into the semester. This has been one of the major cause of bad performance from freshmen. Be hardworking, but don’t stretch yourself to the limit.