About Us

Smart About College is an informational blog that is aimed at providing useful insight to high school graduates who are looking to transit into college. We take our time to find out all the challenges faced in colleges and making them known to students. We also provide ways to have a wonderful and smooth journey throughout your college education.

We try as much as possible to keep our blog up to date by feeding students with the most recent information. Smart About College gives you the necessary tips needed to have an outstanding academic performance, to know the best universities in the world, most especially in the U.S, scholarship programs available for students, and other important things to expect in tertiary institution.

Our Belief

The rate at which the cost of tertiary education is increasing as each year passes has never been experienced in time past. The challenges of gaining admission into college and funding the education throughout your stay in school has made thousands of students drop out along the line. This is something that matters to us a lot and should be a top priority to the relevant authorities all over the world. Also, most high school graduates are naïve of what to expect in college and are also unaware of the fact that the life of college is totally different from what they passed through in high school.

We believe that with the right information giving to these students, their academic performance will improve significantly. Giving them tips on how to choose their major, how to manage their time, and the peer groups to join that will help them through college is what we crave for.

We also believe that making them know that the workload of college far outweighs what they went through in high school will prepare them adequately for the quest ahead. We also believe that exposing them to the relevant scholarship schemes all around the world will boost the number of students that will school abroad.

Our Mission

At Smart About College we are devoted to helping high school graduates all around the world to know all that it takes to get into college and what is expected of them to have a wonderful experience, both academically and socially.

We also take it as our responsibility to seek useful information by carrying out intensive research all over the world and disseminating to them to students. We dedicate our effort to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by revealing all the scholarships available every year so that the poor can benefit from schooling abroad.

And we fully take it upon ourselves to ensure that every aspiring student get all the necessary information needed to be a force to reckon with in their field of interest.

Our Vision

Smart About College envisions a world where every promising student who aspires to be great get all the necessary useful information to keep them on the right track. We look forward to helping students, especially those with financial challenges to fulfil their dreams by showcasing the scholarship schemes they can benefit from.