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Scholarships are money for postsecondary education that does not have to be repaid, and for which students must generally apply. Students and their families should begin exploring scholarship opportunities about a year before the student intends to attend college. Some scholarships include:

  • Circle of Succe$$
    • Circle of Succe$$ Scholarships are near and dear to the hearts of Student Assistance Foundation employees — the program was originally established through voluntary payroll deductions. Today funds raised through private donations, along with events including Student Assistance Foundation’s Golf Scramble and Running Amuck for Scholarship Bucks, have been added to that pool. A committee of Student Assistance Foundation employees determines which applicants receive the $1,000 scholarships.
    • Who qualifies?
      Applicants must be:
      • Montana residents who graduated from a Montana high school and are currently attending a Montana college or university.
      • Attending school at least half time.
      • Have successfully completed their first year of college and are in their second, third or fourth year of higher education and plan to attend school in 2014-15.
      • Maintaining a 2.5 grade point average (GPA).
      How to apply:
      Scholarship applications are available Jan. 1 - Mar. 1, 2015.
      Contact Darbie Hess, grants manager, at (406) 495-7393.

      Student Assistance Foundation is awarding 56 $1,000 Circle of Succe$$ scholarships. Scholarship(s) will be awarded based on six regions (see map below). The college–age population per region determines the number of scholarship(s) for that region. If we do not receive applications for a particular region, the scholarship(s) will be awarded to another region.
  • State Scholarships — The Montana University System offers several state scholarships such as the MUS Honor Scholarship, Honor Scholarship for National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalists and Governors “Best and Brightest” Scholarship program. For more information, visit the Montana University System website.
  • Youth Serve Montana Scholarship — The Governor’s Office of Community Service, Montana Campus Compact and Student Assistance Foundation reward volunteerism by giving $1,000 toward continued education to up to 100 Montana high school seniors annually. Click here for more information.
  • National Merit Scholarships — The independent, not-for-profit National Merit Scholarship Corporation conducts annual competitions for recognition and college undergraduate scholarships. For more information about these programs visit
  • Private Scholarships — Funds for these types of scholarships often come from professional associations, civic organizations, colleges, universities and more.
  • Foster Care to Success Scholarship — These scholarships are awarded based on a combination of merit and need, and funding levels are determined based on cost of attendance and other resources. Apply at Foster Care to Success website.
  • CAUTION: You should never pay someone to find you a scholarship. Legitimate scholarship organizations do not charge students to apply.
  • Download a printable version of our scholarship checklist to help you keep track of your scholarship search efforts.

The Internet is a great resource to find scholarships. Visit the Montana Career Information System (MCIS),, or others to get started.